Unique, Refreshing and a Very Special Person

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Unique, Refreshing and a Very Special Person


The month of March is a special time as we get to enjoy andNoe Noe at work promote International Woman’s Day (8 March) and so it is with great pleasure and pride that we announce that Aquaculture without Frontiers (AwF) Woman of the Month for March is May Myat Noe Lwin, known affectionately as Noe Noe.

Both supporters of the nomination Professor Kevin Fitzsimmons and Dr Antonio Garza d’Yta were unanimous in their praise for the enormous efforts of this young lady who has a burning desire to assist her birthplace country, Myanmar, to embrace and engage Aquaculture as a major primary activity.

Nicki Holmyard and Jenny Cobcroft (December Woman of the Month) were both encouraged to go to Myanmar over the last few months by Noe Noe and she has been one of the main instigators in gaining recent projects for the country.

Noe Noe centre front row

Noe Noe centre front row

Nicki reported in Seafood Source that “Seafood plays a major part in the Myanmar diet, with an average per capita consumption of 56kg; more than four times as much as the average U.S. citizen. As a result the majority of seafood produced there is sold for local consumption and a plethora of different species can be found on its colorful street markets.”

Nicki added “Noe Noe is doing some excellent work in Myanmar and Thailand, where she started her business, CNN Soft Shell Mangrove Crab Farms.”

Noe Noe learned the hard way, as she started with nothing and had to move countries, thus was seriously taken out of her comfort zone. If you ever get the chance of listening to her about those days it is something that will enthuse you about the spirit of people and the opportunities of aquaculture in assisting the poor and the hungry.

Strong in her convictions Noe Noe backs up her words with hard work and endeavor. Noe Noe is currently back in the US taking on more study so that she can improve her skills and pass these on to future generations.

Noe Noe has been the driving force behind the creation of the AwF Library at the Myanmar Fisheries Federation which is expected to be completed in the coming months. This has long been a dream for Noe Noe as it is important to have reference books for students and industry. AwF is extremely grateful to Prof. Gideon Hulata for donating his books and magazines and Haim Avioz, Managing Partner of Tiran Group for organising and sponsoring the transport.

As Dave Conley, AwF Director, observed of Noe Noe when he ran the session ‘Aquaculture Pioneers: Life & times and lessons learned’ in Las Vegas “Although 5 of the 6 speakers had long and ground-breaking careers, it was the last speaker that captured the attention of everyone in the room. Ms May Myat Noe Lwin, a 34-year old Burmese female entrepreneur, told delegates how she had entered the aquaculture industry by accident and that in her 5 years as an aquaculture businesswoman had managed to overcome a long list of challenges to become the owner of an aquaculture equipment supply business in Yangon, Myanmar, and 3 farms and a seafood trading business in Ranong, Thailand.”

Nagris cyclone hit Irrawaddy Delta 2 May 2008

Nagris cyclone hit Irrawaddy Delta 2 May 2008

Noe Noe ticks all the boxes for the criteria for AwF Woman of the Month and then some.

If you would like to nominate a woman to be the next Woman of the Month, please check the Criteria and complete the Nomination Form.

AwF aims to be honoring all AwF Women of the Month during a special activity at WA2015 in Jeju, Korea.