AwF (Aust)

The objects of our organisation in Australia are:

  • to promote sustainable aquaculture development as a catalyst for change as a means of improving the nutrition and health of people, to foster social and economic development.
  • to promote and support responsible and sustainable aquaculture to alleviate poverty and malnutrition and to enhance food security for disadvantaged people.
  • To ensure direct action to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged people through aquaculture
  • To collaborate with like-minded organisations to maximise opportunities to promote sustainable aquaculture in developing nations.
  • To provide a platform for aquaculture professionals to come together and provide service to the disadvantaged.

We will do this specifically by engaging in:

a. Indigenous Health – assisting through aquaculture
b. Women & Children – promoting and educating re importance of seafood re issues like anemia
c. Assisting ‘new’ Australians to become involved in aquaculture activities and outcomes
d. Connecting with relevant Universities and engaging their students in volunteer activities around our programs both here and overseas
e. Building important relationships re activities around aquaculture and seafood/health areas both in Australia and with poorer countries e.g South Pacific