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At a recent Aquaculture without Frontiers (Australia) Ltd (AwFA) directors meeting the board appointed a new Director, Assoc Prof Simon Das. 

Simon was born in Bangladesh and came to Australia via a lengthy stay in Malaysia, where he continued his research and studies and was a Senior Lecturer at National University of Malaysia (UKM). He had a short period as a Visiting Research Academic at Deakin University and has recently finished writing a book, ‘Archer Fish Biology’ (https://www.routledge.com/Archer-Fish-Biology/Kumar-Das/p/book/9780367462376 ).

Simon came highly recommended to AwFA, and he remarked “I am very pleased to become a board member at AwFA because I’ve dreamt for a long time on how I could contribute more to aquaculture after being involved for 15 years through my research and teaching in this field. What excites me about AwFA is the prospect of collaborating with like-minded board members who share a common vision of addressing aquaculture issues for the poor and fighting malnutrition. I am currently working on an induction manual, but I am eager to contribute more to AwFA’s mission of sustainable aquaculture development.” 

Additionally, at the Board Meeting Yujia Wang was recognised for his advice and assistance with the website with a new role. Five years ago, Yujia was the leader of a Swinburne University capstone project involving AwFA and he commented, “I see myself as a committed volunteer and I am excited to help AwFA succeed. With my experience in redesigning websites and years of volunteering in maintenance, the role of Website Management Coordinator aligns perfectly. I view this opportunity as a means of personal growth while actively supporting AwFA’s mission.”

Director, Dr Dinesh Kaippilly reported on the success of the AwFA booth at the Kerala University of Fisheries & Ocean Studies (KUFOS) International Fisheries Congress and Expo held 12-14 January 2024 in association with their Alumni Association. The board particularly thanked Ms. Geeji Madathil Tharanath from SOL Consult n Connect for their great assistance with the booth and for donating prizes for the ‘Optimism in Aquaculture’ contest which were judged by board members, Dr’s Christine Crawford, and Janine Pierce. 

A competitive contest won by a KUFOS student, Azif S, with “Aquaculture’s sustainable practices meet seafood demand, reduce overfishing, protect ecosystems, and enhance food security through technology and innovation, fostering optimism for its future impact.” Fine words and well done everyone! 

We will be reporting very soon on the Torrens University capstone Quiz and Raffle, where all proceeds are going to South Pacific Community Fresh Water Prawn Hatchery project and the Photo Competition which is being organised with Aqua Farm 2024 Conference and Expo (www.aquacultureconference.com.au). 

For background on our strictly volunteer charity organisation please visit our website www.aquaculturewithoutfrontiers.org which has all the information about our history, projects and who is on our Boards. AwF has established organisations in Australia (Charity ABN 32602696631), UK (Charity) and Mexico (NGO), but the original organisation is exempt from State and Federal taxes as a US501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in California #2671553.

We run networks on social media – School/Students; Women/Gender; Global Indigenous; Aquaponics; Aquarium Fish, Latin America and recently Small Island Development States.