Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to farm fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

– adapted from a Chinese Proverb

A farmer proudly displaying the harvest of stocked catla fish.

Help AwF to teach others how to farm fish so they can eat for a lifetime.

This section of our website is about how you can be involved in alleviating poverty and malnutrition through Aquaculture without Frontiers.

  • We welcome any donations – Donate NOW.
  • We are initiating a new platform for the organisation which enables corporate involvement – CSR.
  • A major key to our activities is the wonderful donation of individuals’ time and effort – Volunteering.
  • We are very grateful to our Donors and Partners who have supported us so generously in the past – Partners / Donors List


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AwF 'Donate NOW' logo button

AwF ‘Donate NOW’ logo button


Aquaculture without Frontiers:

  • is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes and supports responsible and sustainable aquaculture in the alleviation of poverty by improving livelihoods in developing countries.
  • draws on the experience of respected professionals from every relevant discipline.
  • devotes all of its resources and attention to aquaculture.
  • encourages interaction, cooperation and linkages with other organisations.

AwF supports aquaculture development for poverty alleviation through improving livelihoods in developing countries by:

  • Promoting and introducing practical techniques for small-scale responsible aquaculture.
  • Demonstrating appropriate technology for farm construction and operation, including responsible resource use and integration with other income and food generating activities.
  • Assisting in product development for consumption and sales/marketing.
  • Providing technical and management training for new and existing small-scale farmers, farm workers, extension workers, and agencies (including other NGOs) working to develop aquaculture.
  • Increasing awareness of the importance of the aquatic environment, animal welfare, and the potential of aquaculture.
    Helping to build capacity for “seed” supply.
  • Promoting the development of micro-credit schemes to support the purchase of ‘seed’, and to assist women to establish aquaculture-based activities designed to provide additional family income.
  • Recognising the frequently landless state and lack of legal rights to water use of the economically poor by maximising the potential of natural productivity.
  • Wherever possible, avoiding ecosystem degradation by turning eutrophication into productivity.
  • Working for long-term stability, not just short-term relief.

Children's interest in fish culture is enormous. Fish culture is proving to be an attractive activity.

Children’s interest in fish culture is enormous. Fish culture is proving to be an attractive activity.

From our founding in 2003 until recently, the funds raised by AwF have totalled almost US$400,000. Of this total about US$150,000 consisted of direct donations to AwF, from which banking charges have consumed 5.3%. Initially there were no management costs because we employed no staff and all other operational expenses were borne by our directors. This means that over the majority of the first 10 years, an average of about 95 cents of every dollar donated has gone directly to our work of promoting and supporting responsible and sustainable aquaculture to assist in poverty alleviation through improving rural livelihoods in developing and transition countries. Since 2012 our Board agreed to pay a monthly fee of USD1000 to our Executive Director to assist with regular expenses and costs.