Nandeesha Medical Assistance Fund update

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Nandeesha Medical Assistance Fund update

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Prof. M.C. Nandeesha

Prof. M.C. Nandeesha

Courtesy of several colleagues and friends, we have the following update on our efforts to raise funds to pay Dr Nandeesha’s medical expenses after his unfortunate passing last December 2012.

Recent details provided by Ms Nandeesha indicate that total contributions from all sources amounted to INR 3.5 million (USD 64,800 approx) and were applied to the hospital bill of INR 4.0 million (USD 74,000 approx). Apparently the Hospital reduced the bill from INR 4.5 million to INR 4.0 million. We are not able to discern from statements how much has come from different sources/countries. The balance owing was paid off from other contributions received.

Ms Nandeesha is grateful to all those who contributed and indicated that she would not require further assistance. She requested that we post this tribute so that all who gave so generously would know of her gratitude. 

Nandeesha – a tribute from Rajeswari

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the WAS members who were closely associated working with Nandeesha for all the help, concern and assistance during our time of distress. I prayed every day during his days of hospitalization that he should come out of it with good health and thank each one of you personally for your love and concern, but that did not happen. Please send a thank you note to all who sent messages and assistance and we are indebted to you all for the timely help.

I will keep in touch and update you of the future development in this regard.

Thanking you

With kind regards

Rajeswari Dayal B




This is for someone who is here and yet is not here!

My son and I are grateful for the love and support of those who stood by us during our most difficult time. My husband probably belonged more to all those involved with fisheries than to me and our nine-year-old son Aditya. This was the proud feeling I got from the overwhelming outpour of love, belongingness, concern, and affection from the Fishery fraternity when they came to know that he had suffered a heart attack on the 23rd of Nov and then finally from the profound outpouring of grief when he passed away on 27 Dec., 2012.

Nandeesha was a visionary and a dangerous optimist at every stage of his life, but a man in a great hurry to get things done. On hindsight, I feel now that he probably had some inkling that he had little time on his hands. Or perhaps he simply wanted to achieve great many things for fisheries. We felt, at times, that some of the things he wanted to achieve were far too ahead of his time or not consistent with the ground realities of what could and what could not be achieved. But as anyone who knew him will tell you, he never believed that a thing “cannot be done”.

This much I can tell you with certainty—he was a straightforward, hard-working, and honest person to the core. He was also broadminded, selfless, and generous to a fault. “True to his character, he tried to create a corruption-free environment everywhere he worked and went. In doing this, he always insisted on calling a spade a spade, even when it may have been easier to keep quiet. I personally tried to persuade him many times to express himself more diplomatically, but his personality would not allow him to modify the truth in any way for the sake of decorum.”

Prof. H.P.C. Shetty (his mentor and idol in life), in his memorial address to his student, said that Nandeesh was like a candle who burnt from both ends, so got extinguished early in life. He was obsessed with his work-which was beyond a point of no return. Nandeesh wanted to leave behind a legacy of sustained excellence —which I hope he did through his body of work for more than 3 decades. He wanted visionaries to lead institutions and he wanted institutions to impart quality education.

The finality that the death of the spouse brings is profound. It took my breath away. There simply is no way to prepare for that. I hope to raise our son Aditya and help him to grow up and lead his life through the path shown by his father’s sincerity, hard work, dedication, persistence and fearlessness in leading one’s personal and professional life.

Nandeesha was truly humbled to receive the vice-chancellorship from the Tamil Nadu Government for the Tamil Nadu Fisheries University and I personally want to thank all who recognized his contribution to fishery science at various stages of his career. I am really grateful for the support and motivation he got from his teachers, friends and various other personalities who inspired him to serve more.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for the love and concern you showed towards him when he was ailing and for the prayers that gave him the strength to go on for 35 days and kindled our hope that he might make it through—but God had planned otherwise. So though Nandeesh is not with us physically, his thoughts and deeds are there to guide us through these difficult times.

I continue to live with his famous line, “everything happens for good”.

Rajeswari Dayal B