AwF partners with NOVUS Int’l to build aquaculture center in Haiti

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AwF partners with NOVUS Int’l to build aquaculture center in Haiti


Aquaculture without Frontiers (AwF), with generous support from NOVUS International, has funded a new project in Haiti to train local people in sustainable aquaculture methods. The goal – to produce nutritious food using the resources locally available.

Malnutrition has been a chronic problem in Haiti for many decades. In response, The Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, MA, USA will help establish an aquaculture learning center and demonstration farm in Haiti, train two “Haitian Aquaculture Specialists” who will be responsible for assisting others interested in producing fish, produce a technical manual (in Creole) and provide training resources to facilitate duplication by other schools, community organizations, small businesses, or families, and assist with developing a practical aquafeed based on local ingredients.  

The broad goal of this project is to help the people of Haiti improve the amount of high quality protein (fish) that can be produced per unit of available space. Techniques will be introduced to improve existing methods, demonstrate alternative methods, and disseminate these methods for replication elsewhere in Haiti. A critical component of this project is to develop fish rearing methods that are easy to use and can produce fish on a regular basis at an affordable price to those most in need. An important consideration is to craft these methods so that they will integrate within the local culture, be transferable from one Haitian to another, and be immune to the need for continued support of non-Haitian help. Success of this project will be measured by the ability of the methods used to be self-perpetuating and sustainable.

AwF is extremely pleased to be able to partner with NOVUS International and The Marine Biological Laboratory to undertake this project.

Haiti training center under construction