AwF International Council Formed

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AwF International Council Formed


AwF has formalized the working relationships between the different AwF Groups to ensure that there is consistency and cohesiveness in the worldwide operations of AwF as a charity. At present there are three (3) affiliated AwF organisations around the world – USA (Americas region), Australia (Oceania region) and recently Latin America (based in Mexico).

The new executive group is the ‘Aquaculture without Frontiers International Council’. All national and regional offices have decided to follow an agreed global campaign strategy but work independently within their regional/local context and in seeking the necessary financial support from donors, programs and grants to fund their work, etc.

We need organizations in different countries to create tax benefits for donors and to be eligible for any local funding. Whilst countries talk about global engagement, it is very clear that most are only funding and engaging their own registered organizations and people – it is true to say that aid funding is more strategic than it has ever been.

The AwF International Council will comprise our global Executive Director and two members from each organizational board (USA, Australia and Latin America) on a rotation basis of three (3) years. Each of the current regional organizations is responsible for its own funding with consideration being made by them in funding the Executive/Secretariat on a fair and equitable basis.

Any new regional group must seek, and be granted written approval, from the International Council before using the organization’s brand, logo, etc. There will be only one website ( and all of the social media in which the organization members engage must also be approved by the AwF International Council.

The current AwF International Council comprises Dr Albert Tacon, Dr Meryl Williams, Dr Antonio Garza de Yta, Citlali Gomez Lepe, Katherine Hawes, Dave Conley and Roy Palmer.