Progress report on Aquaculture Learning Center in Haiti

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Progress report on Aquaculture Learning Center in Haiti


Aquaculture Learning Center (ALC) – Marigot, Haiti

The vision of a school-based Aquaculture Learning Center is becoming a reality thanks to hundreds of Haitian labor hours, the dedicated faculty at the Henri Christophe High School, and the financial help of AwF, Novus International and others. Our mission during our most recent trip to Haiti was to stock the basin with its first load of fish and to hire and train a select group of “employees” to maintain the system and care for the fish. Paramount during this phase of the project was the establishment of standard operating procedures and a method for internet-based record keeping and reporting which will allow us to monitor and guide our new aquaculturists during this critical start-up phase. 

Click here to read the rest of this report by William N. Mebane, Superintendent Aquaculture Engineering Division, Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL).

For more information about MBL’s activities in Haiti, please visit their Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative website.