Aqua-Internship: a hands-on learning opportunity

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Aqua-Internship: a hands-on learning opportunity


The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Aquaculture without Frontiers (AwF) have agreed to collaborate to provide placements for Aqua-Internships on all AwF projects, where possible. Many details still need to be worked out but if you are interested in this opportunity and have questions, please contact the Aqua-Internship Coordinator below and/or visit the Aqua-Internship website.

Ram C. Bhujel, PhD
Coordinator, Aqua-Internship: Asia Link Program
Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management (AARM)
SERD, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
PO Box 4, Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120, THAILAND

Tel: +66 02 524 5222 Fax:+66 02 524 6200
Mobile + 66 081 734 6934