Volunteers Update

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Volunteers Update


We have 15 new volunteers who have registered since 18 May 2014 and we continue to build our list. Thank you to those who have made this commitment.

Our Volunteer Coordinators, Cormac and Ignacio, will be in touch with you very soon. In the meantime, you will be pleased to know that we are expecting a large number of opportunities for volunteers to contribute in the very near future.

Kevin Fitzsimmons, previous AwF President, is currently in Bangladesh developing volunteer projects and in the following weeks he will be Myanmar and Nepal. 

In short we will be looking for 30 volunteers per year, 10 for each of Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal, for next 5 years.  In this case there is a restriction that all volunteers will need to be US based as funds are coming from USAID and we need to meet their specific criteria.

Anyone interested should be registered in the AwF data base so we can match expertise with specific requirements of the program.  For these roles the volunteer trips tend to be ten to twenty days in length, with a few shorter and some much longer. All expenses are covered by USAID in advance or reimbursed once the paperwork is organised.

We will provide more details for the AwF website in coming weeks.