Start Friday 13th with some Stirring Stories of Aquaculture

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Start Friday 13th with some Stirring Stories of Aquaculture


APA13-logoAquaculture without Frontiers (AwF) Executive Director, Roy Palmer said, “It is fantastic that we have so many excellent contributors for the AwF session at the Asian Pacific Aquaculture Conference and Trade Show scheduled from 10-13 December 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City. The conference emphasizes the need for the whole industry to take a more strategic approach to expansion with the theme ‘Positioning for Profit’ and we will attempt to show how aquaculture plays a role in alleviating poverty and malnutrition, which is a clear profit for society, through our aquaculture activities.”

The Session will be jointly chaired by AwF Founder Michael New, OBE and Roy Palmer and commences at 8:30 am on Friday 13 December as part of the World Aquaculture Societies Asian Pacific Chapter’s exciting conference at the Saigon Exhibition and Conference Centre. There are ten presentations in the session that concludes at the lunch break. 

“This is an important time for our organisation as we are entering our second decade and with this we are making some changes to the way we operate. This is all about the organisation maturing and developing as it evolves from its humble but important beginnings.  AwF has a strong foundation and is now working to create strategic alliances as a key part of its strategic plan. We will still rely heavily on the generosity of those incredible people that have been involved in AwF from its early days, but we will be adding other dimensions which will hopefully see the organisation develop into the charity that communities, governments and other charities look to for expertise and help with aquaculture activities that help to alleviate poverty and malnutrition,” added Palmer.

Michael New will lead the presentations with a Founder’s take on AwF’s first ten years and this will be followed by Eddie Pantanella talking about the key role of women in integrated aquaculture in Myanmar. This will be followed by Rupam Mandal on the potential for livelihoods in aquaculture in the West Bengal area of India. In this same session there will be May Myat Noe Lwin (winner of WAS Magazine award earlier in the year) and Antonio Garza de Yta (President of WAS-LACC) highlighting the importance of AwF strategies in Myanmar and Mexico.

After the tea/coffee break the session will continue with WAS-APC Director & AIT Coordinator, Aqua-Internship & Training Program, Ram Bhujel presenting on ‘Nepal’s model of rural aquaculture development’. This will be followed by demonstrations of the ‘Farmer to Farmer Program’ highlighted by former WAS & AwF President, Professor Kevin Fitzsimmons (who manages the program at University of Arizona) and WAS Magazine Editor, John Hargreaves.

The session will be concluded by Palmer who will explain how AwF will approach its second decade and a Q&A session enabling people to bring forward ideas and concepts for the future. AwF looks forward to getting Friday the 13th off to a great start – come and join us!

To view the session program, click here.

Note:  AwF ‘Farmer to Farmer’ completed project reports are detailed on our website and are the subject of the FARMD Featured Topic on Aquaculture Risk Management.