New AwF website gets kudos

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New AwF website gets kudos


Since launching on Tuesday, May 18th (12 days ago), the new AwF website has been visited 2,111  times (avg. 176 visits/day). The Board of Directors has received numerous emails and phone calls of congratulations from colleagues and friends; the response has been extremely positive. Below are some examples:

From Peter Edwards, Bangkok, Thailand: The new website looks good and should help the cause.

From Narayanan Kutty, Kerala, India: Have seen the new website. It looks great – now the possibilities of its expansion as needed seem to be infinite. 

From Wagner Valenti, Brazil: I have visited the new webpage of AwF and liked it very much! Congratulations to you and other directors!”

Michael New, AwF Founder, was very pleased to receive so many warm and encouraging comments from people all over the world, as was Director Geoff Allan who said, “I have had lots of positive comments about the new web site from colleagues.”

Dave Conley and Tor-Eddie Fossbakk, of the Aquaculture Communications Group (ACG), who volunteered their time to completely redesign the website, were also pleased to hear of the positive comments being received. “We think AwF is a great organization, doing great things to help so many people live better lives with hope for their futures; we are honoured to be associated with AwF,” said Dave Conley. “We enjoyed doing this project and hope to be able to do much more to further the work and resources of AwF.”

In keeping with the trend to better communication, the AwF Board of Directors will be having their first Skype conference call this week to catch up on news about the various projects being undertaken, and to discuss ideas for new fund-raising initiatives. If you have any ideas to contribute to further the work of AwF, please contact one of the Directors or use the Contact Us page on this website.

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Shivananda Murthy

June 8, 2010at 8:34 am

I have seen the new website. It is very informative and attractive. I congratulate all those responsible for its design and development. Michael deserves special thanks for all his efforts and guidance given to AWF workers – H S Murthy