Marlow mothers support AwF again!

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Marlow mothers support AwF again!


Having given Aquaculture without Frontiers (AwF) a donation of £500 in 2005, Third World Aid made a second donation to AwF (UK) of £750 recently, following an appeal by the AwF Founder. The Directors of AwF are most grateful for the continued interest and support that we have received from this group of mothers in Marlow (England) and wish them every success in the selfless work that they do for the poor in developing countries.

Third World Aid (TWA) began life as the Ethiopian Aid Project (EAP) in 1974. A small group of young mothers from St Peter’s Church in Marlow responded to a cry for help from Father Gerry Stones, a priest working with the poor and impoverished in Ethiopia. Most of the mothers had young children at Primary School in Marlow.

In 1988 the name of the group was changed to Third World Aid as the group was beginning to spread its wings and to take on fund raising projects in other countries. In recent years the group has made a significant commitment to education projects which will be of long-term benefit to the local communities. Alongside these infrastructure projects, the group has always retained its flexibility to respond to emergency appeals.

The Third World Aid remains a very small group. The mothers from 1974 are now grandmothers and though not quite as agile still retain their enthusiasm. People sometimes ask them why they commit so much of their time to all that catering for local Marlow events (which is how the organization raises money) when, at the age some of them are now, they could be “Ladies who Lunch” and the answer is that (and it is very simple) when they watch the heartrending pictures on television of mothers without the wherewithal to feed their children they bleed for them and throw themselves into raising more funds.

Full details of the activities and projects of the Third World Aid group can be accessed at

Thanks so much to you all!