Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday

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Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday


Aquaculture without Frontiers has a big week being an affiliate of World Aquaculture Society and heavily engaged in WA2015 which starts on 26 May in Jeju, an incredibly beautiful and popular island in South Korea.

We happened to have arrived in Jeju at the beginning of South Korea’s 4-day birthday celebrations for Buddha. There are many quotable sayings from Buddha but perhaps we will focus on “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” This epitomizes the AwF spirit.

The AwF week in Jeju starts on 27 May with our involvement in the session on The Women in Aquaculture/Fisheries session which includes AwF/WAS-APC Travel Grant awardees Nantaporn Sutthi, Gladys Ludevese Pascual, Mya Zin Oo who will be involved in a panel session with Jennifer Cobcroft, Maymyat Noelwin, Bibha Kumari, Arlene Nietes-Satapornvanit, Pui Amornat Boochuay et al and this will be followed by Presentations by AwF for Women of the Month Awards to Dr Jennifer Cobcroft (Dec 2014); Dr T.V. Anna Mercy (Feb 2015); May Myat Noe Lwin (March 2015) and Ass Professor Arlyn Mandas (May 2015). Unfortunately Dr Flower Ezekiel Msuya (Apr 2015) will not be in attendance. At this event we will also announce the June 2015 winner.

The 28th May looms as a very special day in AwF history as we will be launching AwF Korea within the celebrations of Jeju Flounder Day. To celebrate and encourage the chapter, several distinguished guests will attend and give congratulatory address, including the director of NFRDI the CEO of Jeju Seawater Fish Culture Coop, and President of KOSFAS. This event will also be exposed to the media. Of course all those engage with AwF and WAS will be welcomed. AwF Executive Director, Roy Palmer will give a congratulatory address and an official acceptance of the newly established Korean organisation as one of the official organisations of AwF.

We are grateful to our hosts The Seawater Fish Aquaculture Coop. and the Bureau of Marine and Fisheries of Jeju Provincial Government as the day is predominantly for Jeju flounder farmers and local aquaculture industry employees and the program includes flounder cook-off contest, and invited lecture for fish growers.

The week ends on 30 May with the AwF Session on Development, Welfare and Poverty Alleviation where Jennifer Cobcroft, Bibha Kumari, Irna Sari and Roy Palmer are presenting. Roy will be bringing the audience up to date on the latest areas of AwF activities and will be joined by Paul Liew, the AwF Volunteers secretariat.

Additionally many meetings and discussions are planned during the networking that such events enable.

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