Aquaculture without Frontiers WAS Nashville session now online

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Aquaculture without Frontiers WAS Nashville session now online


The Aquaculture Communications Group (ACG) is pleased to announce that the multimedia proceedings of the Aquaculture without Frontiers (AwF) special session held during the World Aquaculture 2013 conference in Nashville, USA, are now available for viewing online; please click here.

The special session, containing 7 presentations by AwF Directors and Ambassadors, provides an overview of AwF activities past, present, and future with emphasis on the new business direction of developing a network of Aquaculture Learning Centers (ALCs).

AwF Executive Director Roy Palmer said, “Having the session presentations available on the Web for our sponsors and supporters to see and hear is fantastic! It provides us with a reach right round the world so that many more people can learn about the great work we are doing.” 

Tor-Eddie Fossbakk, ACG Senior Consultant and Founding Partner, initiated the project and was responsible for recording the audio track for each presenter and combining it with the PowerPoint slides to create the multimedia proceedings. “ACG first proved this concept by video recording the presentations given at AquaFair 2001 in St. Andrews, NB, Canada, and combining them with the PowerPoint slides to create a conference proceedings that could be viewed by people anywhere in the world from their desktop, as long as they had a high-speed Internet connection. By dropping the video and only using the audio with the slides, many more people can access the presentations online because large bandwidth is not as important.”

ACG produced the AwF session proceedings at no cost to AwF; all production time was donated as part of ACG’s support for the mission and goals of AwF.

For more information on ACG’s multimedia capabilities, visit the website or contact Tor-Eddie Fossbakk at tor-eddie(at)