Paul van der Heijden

Paul van der Heijden has been appointed AwF Global Ambassador. 

Paul has a wealth of knowledge and strong networks involved in all aspects of aquaculture in EU and globally. He is the founder of MatureDevelopment BV, an organisation that believes that in order to work in a sustainable manner one must be conscious of the global economy.

Through his Dutch enterprise he and his team work actively with the development of innovative and sustainable ideas. With many of the innovations they are involved with implementing and further development in commercialisation.

His strong ties to universities such as Wageningen University (NL), Rotterdam University (NL), Bergen University (NO) and University of Algarve (PT) and with a major role in the North Atlantic Seafood Forum organisation highlight that he will be an important asset to AwF as we continue to grow.

Paul has a belief that we need to engage the young and pass on our knowledge sooner rather than later and insists on the need to contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).