Flower for April

Lecturing to students and teachers in seaweed farm area in  Zanzibar, Tanzania

Lecturing to students and teachers in seaweed farm area in Zanzibar, Tanzania

April is either spring or Fall/Autumn depending on your hemisphere. Either way the period has a strong connection with all species of flower and it so happens that this month AwF can celebrate a very remarkable Flower – Dr. Flower Ezekiel Msuya.

This month we honour our first African continent Woman of the Month, Dr. Msuya from Tanzania, for the work she has done consistently for many years in research and promotion of aquaculture, especially seaweeds.

Flower started working as a Research Officer with the Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute in 1986-1988 and is now working as a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Marine Sciences of the University of Dar es Salaam in Zanzibar, Tanzania. continue reading…

The month of March is a special time as we get to enjoy andNoe Noe at work promote International Woman’s Day (8 March) and so it is with great pleasure and pride that we announce that Aquaculture without Frontiers (AwF) Woman of the Month for March is May Myat Noe Lwin, known affectionately as Noe Noe.

Both supporters of the nomination Professor Kevin Fitzsimmons and Dr Antonio Garza d’Yta were unanimous in their praise for the enormous efforts of this young lady who has a burning desire to assist her birthplace country, Myanmar, to embrace and engage Aquaculture as a major primary activity.

Nicki Holmyard and Jenny Cobcroft (December Woman of the Month) were both encouraged to go to Myanmar over the last few months by Noe Noe and she has been one of the main instigators in gaining recent projects for the country. continue reading…

Travel Grants for Jeju

Travel Grant Jeju logos 2Aquaculture without Frontiers is pleased to announce the opportunity for females engaged in aquaculture to apply for travel grant funding kindly provided by WAS-APC for their members.* This is the opportunity to attend World Aquaculture 2015 in Jeju 26-30 May 2015.

There are three (3) grants available x USD1500 which are aimed to cover accommodation and travel and WAS-APC will organise registration at the event. Two (2) of the grants are expressly for female students and the third is for a mature age female who works in aquaculture.

The applicant must be willing to serve and assist at the WAS-APC Booth – rostered as per arrangements and to be prepared to be part of a panel involved in the Women in Aquaculture & Fisheries session at WA2015. This panel will discuss experiences of women in the aquaculture/fisheries area.

Applications close on Friday 3 April (close of business) 2015 and can be made via Application APC-AwF-Jeju.

*WAS-APC Membership

Working group at GA5AwF on the Move for the Next Period‘ has been published in the March 2015 edition of the World Aquaculture Magazine.

It has been crafted as a follow-up from the excellent article written by Michael New which explained the important first ten years of AwF.

There was a need to explain to those involved in the early days of AwF that whilst the modus-operandi has changed from the those days, the Mission and Vision for the organisation has not.

We are working on a new sustainable model and hopefully this article goes some way to explaining the concept .

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
Helen Keller

Very few women are directly involved in traditional fisheries activities, either due to the physical strain and the long hours away from home and family, or because of social taboos, customs, and beliefs which prohibit them from boarding fishing vessels. Women are thus limited to land-based activities, such as fish handling, processing, distribution, marketing, and net-making/mending.

By stark contrast, the role of women in aquaculture, particularly in small fish farms, has long been evident. Women are involved in all sectors of aquaculture and we are proud to be honoring a few them to promote Aquaculture without Frontiers International Woman’s Day on 8 March. continue reading…

Dr T.V. Anna Mercy

Dr T.V. Anna Mercy

Dr T.V. Anna Mercy, Professor, KUFOS, Panangad, Kerala, India

Problems with communications over the festive season meant that we had to delay our processes for our monthly award and had to miss January….

February sees unanimous approval for Dr Anna Mercy, a professor at College of Fisheries, Panangad since 1984 and there can be no doubting that Dr Mercy has made a longstanding and significant contribution in aquaculture with over 30 years engagement in research and teaching.

Anna has spent invaluable time studying the indigenous ornamental fishes of the Western Ghats of India, originally starting her research with the blind catfish, Horaglanis krishnai (Menon) but over the years Anna is accepted as the ‘God Mother’ of Miss Kerala (Puntius denisonii), considered the most beautiful ornamental fish of the Western Ghats of India. Dr Mercy, with her team, showed how Miss Kerala could be successfully bred under captive conditions. continue reading…

New Board Member announced

Gorjan Nikolik at AwF AA15

Gorjan Nikolik at AwF AA15

Aquaculture without Frontiers Executive Director, Roy Palmer, announcing the new appointment said “We are very pleased that Mr. Gorjan Nikolik, Senior Aquaculture Analyst with Rabobank has agreed to join our Board of Directors. His involvement will add enormous value to our aquaculture knowledge and experience.  Understanding all of the intricacies of finance and investment is an essential area and we foresee excellent opportunities to assist the various groups we are working with in our aims to alleviate poverty and hunger through capability and capacity activities in sustainable aquaculture.”

Mr. Nikolik attended the AwF General Meeting and spoke in the AwF Session on Development, Welfare & Poverty Alleviation at Aquaculture America (AA15) in New Orleans. During these presentations he explained about Rabobank and the various organisations that they have and the roles that they play. Rabobank are the largest Agriculture Bank in the world and are in the top three banks which invest in aquaculture. continue reading…

Donate to AwF via Amazon

Thanks to Amazon, you are now able to make a donation to AwF when you buy through their website. You simply nominate on your Amazon account that whenever you buy any product this donation is made, then when you buy product via AmazonSmile, Amazon contributes 0.5% of your eligible purchases to Aquaculture without Frontiers.

You can Support AwF by shopping at AmazonSmile (same products, prices, services as Amazon) via the following link:

or continue to make your donation through our DONATE NOW online facility.

Deakin University PrintDeakin University will partner with aid organisation Aquaculture without Frontiers (AwF) to improve outcomes in disadvantaged communities using sustainable aquaculture farming.

The new partnership between Deakin aquaculture and marine sciences experts and AwF will include research programs designed to improve the nutrition and health within communities and to foster social and economic development.

“We are excited to partner with Aquaculture without Frontiers, which supports responsible and sustainable aquaculture to alleviate poverty and malnutrition and to enhance food security for disadvantaged people,” Deakin Associate Head of School of Life and Environmental Sciences Associate Professor Giovanni Turchini said. continue reading…

Following Mardi Gras

Aquaculture without Frontiers is hitting the road next month and will be centering its activities on New Orleans and the American Aquaculture event which follows the famous Mardi Gras.

“I doubt if we will be parading in all the fancy costumes as we have some serious activities like the AwF Board Meeting, a General Meeting for AwF and an important session at the Conference but NOLA is full of history and is the home of special music and well known for its seafood and hospitality and is very close to our base in Baton Rouge”, said Executive Director, Roy Palmer.

The Session developed by AwF “Development, Welfare and Poverty Alleviation” will see speakers from Kenya, Ghana, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Mexico, Netherlands and Australia covering a range of activities within the subject area. continue reading…

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