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Research Results in Aquaculture

Free or reduced rate online access to the latest research findings in aquaculture that have been published in many of the leading aquaculture journals is available through AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture).

Relevant journals in this facility include Aquaculture, Aquaculture International, Aquaculture Nutrition, and Aquaculture Research.

Potential participants in this scheme need to register with FAO. Currently, those eligible to join this scheme have to:

  • be located in a country that had an annual GNI/caput of US$1000 or less at 31 December 2000;
  • be research or government institutions in agriculture and related biological, environmental and social sciences;
  • have compatable internet and computer facilities.

Full details of this scheme can be found at AGORA.

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* see also ‘Research Results’ above.

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The following organizations may be interested in this facility:

  • educational institutes offering training and research facilities in aquaculture
  • suppliers of aquaculture equipment (tanks, pumps, nets, etc.)
  • suppliers of aquaculture consumables (feeds, medications, etc.)
  • aquaculture consultants

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