Aquaculture without Frontiers: Empowering and giving hope through aquaculture

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Aquaculture without Frontiers: Empowering and giving hope through aquaculture

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Aquaculture without Frontiers (AwF) was the brainchild of one person following a career spent in researching, travelling and being a part of developing the aquaculture industry as we know it today. AwF roots lay strongly within the World Aquaculture Society family as the concept was formulated by this individual on the back of a presentation and paper delivered at World Aquaculture 2003 in Salvador, Brazil. The person is, of course, Michael New OBE, CBiol, FSB, BSc, ARCS, FIFST; Past-President of WAS and EAS, and current Chairman for AQUA 2012 in Prague.

Back at that 2003 meeting Michael said “The NGOs that are involved in aquaculture development for the poor are sometimes religious, sometimes lay; sometimes branches of international organizations, often national or local. However, it is clear that they need help to utilize the potential of aquaculture efficiently and, as individuals, I feel that we should be ready to assist. However, the aquaculture sector does not have any NGO that appeals directly to the public (our consumers), nor do we raise any funds for aquaculture development from the public. We may sometimes wonder where are our ‘Friends of Aquaculture’, our ‘BluePeace’, our ‘World Aquaculture Fund’, our ‘Aquaculture Defense Fund.’ I think it is most unlikely that we could persuade the public to support a lobbying organization for aquaculture, especially as we have suffered so much criticism (fair and unfair) from aquaculture’ movement would be perceived simply as a defensive negative reaction to criticism. However, I believe that there is a niche for an aquaculture NGO.”

You can read the rest of this article by AwF Director Roy Palmer published in the September issue of World Aquaculture Magazine by clicking here.